Complex Query Engine

CQE is abandonware.

All development of CQE has ceased. Source is available (thank you LGPL!) so feel free to do anything you like with it.

A word of warning though: CQE never made it past the beta stage and the source is in a bit of a mismash state due to changing features that were semi-implemented.

Any questions may be directed to the Principle Investigators:


Complex Query Engine (CQE) is a program which allows you to query EnsMart databases and local data sources using complex boolean expressions.

A crude-but-passable GUI is used to construct the queries and specify which data values to include in the returned results. The results may be saved as XHTML or CSV formatted files. The program is written in Python with a minimal number of third-party modules. In theory this means the program should be usable on most platforms with a little tweaking.


Complex boolean expressions
The web interface to EnsMart applies a "progressive filtering" process: each step progressively reduces the size of the resulting list of items specifying the queries (e.g. think of it as applying the AND operator in each refinement step). CQE allows you to use AND, OR and AND NOT and parantheses to form more complex boolean expressions. The resulting queries are more powerful (which naturally may lead to more processing power required to satisfy the query).
CQE is a renaming (and narrowing of scope) of the earlier project DGP. The renaming occurred due to publishing issues.


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